Intown Massage
with Joan Sinrich, Licensed Massage Therapist

Resources & Referrals

I partner with traditional, alternative and integrative practitioners to ensure my clients get the wellness treatment they need and deserve.

Intown Acupuncture Center, Inc., Atlanta

The Body Well, Dr. Erin Torzewski, Grant Park, Intown Atlanta
Tedeschi Wellness, Dr. Karen Tedeschi, Atlanta
Terminus Chriopractic, Dr. Paul Gross, Atlanta

Fitness and Health Coaching
Fitwit, Group Training Classes in Grant Park, Decatur and Midtown
Pulse by Kayt Wolfe, Health and Fitness Coaching for Women in Decatur

Physical Therapy
Intown Physical Therapy, Ingrid Anderson, PT, Atlanta, 404.883.2304

Primary Care Physicians
Integrative Health Institute, Dwana M. Bush, MD, Sandy Springs, GA 404.255.5774

Avanti Counseling Services, Inc., Brandy Smith, Psychotherapist, Ed.S., LPC, NCC
Wellness Products

DoTerra Essential Oils, Joan Sinrich, Doterra Essential Oils, Wellness Advocate
Live Well Live Life, Dianne Lucht, Nikken Wellness Products